I don’t understand what’s happening…

I walked into a dealership, sat in a Lamborghini and then boom

I phone my finance broker, I agree to monthly payments, sign the paperwork and somehow the car is in my driveway.

I’m not seeing the problem here…

Well, 18 months later and it’s destroying me.

I’m wedded to this Lambo,

  • the rate
  • the agreement type
  • the balloon and
  • Oh God the settlement figure

I know, I know I should have gone too Fast N Funded, but I just feel so beaten up

He’s right, you know Pete should have gone too Fast N Funded instead.

We have what we in the business call an acute case of Post-Traumatic Finance Disorder or PTFD for short.

Ever heard of buyer’s remorse?

Well imagine that, but the type that crushes your spirit, keeps you up at night and makes you sweat literal buckets.

Unfortunately, it’s only months after the event that like Pete here, you realize that you’re stuck in a car that you well, just don’t love anymore.

But if Pete here had tried Fast N Funded let’s just say be a little better off and a little less sore.

How can Fast ‘N’ Funded help?

Fast ‘N’ Funded don’t make Lamborghini car finance, or any type of super car finance complicated.

  • We understand that you may want to change your car before your finance has been repaid

  • We make sure you are fully informed, so you get a finance deal that best suits your needs

  • We want you, the customer to choose us and then to come back to us

What to do next

Simply give us a call on 0845 600 4420, or email us at fast@tafco.co.uk with the following

1.    a link to the car you have found, or a car you would like to buy

2.    annual mileage

3.    an idea of the monthly payments/term you wish to achieve

Alternatively, you can send an enquiry form and we will get in touch.

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