Is your bank refusing to finance your high-value dream car?

Despite being an individual of high net worth (HNWI) and having what you thought was an excellent relationship with your bank (you’ve been with them for years for both your personal and business banking requirements), they are still saying NO.

The market for car finance for high net worth individuals is changing and Fast ‘N’ Funded have seen an increase in rejections from traditional institutions. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, for us a rejection, isn’t a decline, it simply means you must look at alternative solutions.

What’s the stumbling block?

Financial institutions have different dividing lines when it comes to assessing your status, and an increasing number now require evidence of your net worth from a verified by a chartered accountant.

With some institutions refusing to accept the accountant’s certification or even consider car finance applications, this has become a major stumbling block for high net worth customers.

If you’re buying a specialist car, this is where a good finance broker can step in to support you.

A broker who knows the market inside and out and knows the institutions who will accept accountancy verification. A broker who will do all the leg work, find the best deal from a wide range of lenders and take the hassle out of things, leaving you feeling much more relaxed.

How can Fast ‘N’ Funded help?

Fast ‘N’ Funded don’t make car finance complicated. We don’t have expenses the size of Belgium’s GDP, meaning we can give you the best deal off the bat, first time, every time, taking the guesswork out of things. We want you, the customer to choose us and then to come back to us.

We understand that you may not want to tie up large amounts of capital (afterall, you know can probably get a greater return on your money than the interest you will pay for car finance). We also appreciate that if the car is not being bought as an ‘investment’, finance is a cost-effective way of owning your dream supercar, especially as many are depreciating assets.

At Fast ‘N’ Funded we want to help you at no matter what stage you may be at:

1.    Perhaps you’ve already found the car you like?

2.    Maybe you know what type of car you would like but just haven’t found it yet?

3.    Or, maybe you would prefer to get approved for Finance beforehand

What to do next

Simply give us a call on 0845 6004420, or email us at with the following

1.    a link to the car you have found, or a car you would like to buy

2.    annual mileage

3.    an idea of the monthly payments/term you wish to achieve

Alternatively, you can send an enquiry form and we will get in touch:

Make An Enquiry

We will then provide you with a finance example, and if you agree to this, we can then look to get you approved. Please note you will need to contact your ‘Chartered Accountant’ and have your High Net Worth information verified.

Then, apart from providing some further identification to comply with Anti Money Laundering Regulations, we are almost there. Within a few days you are ready to arrange for the car to be in your possession.

Is it time for you to move away from the ‘traditional’ negotiation process?:

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